15 Apr

If you are wrestling with anxiety, you may appear competent and composed, but on the inside, you are churning with fears of criticism or disapproval. Others see you juggling many responsibilities but inside you feel tense, stressed, uptight, and on edge. Your smile may hide a racing heart, lump in your throat, or rubbery legs. In this blog, you can examine your experience in 3 categories: anxious thoughts, anxious feelings, and anxious physical symptoms.


  •      You often feel nervous, worried, or fearful.
  •      You feel more sensitive and easily irritable even in situations that didn’t use to bother you.
  •      You feel that things around you are strange, unreal, or foggy.
  •      You feel detached from your body.


  •      You fixate on things that didn’t go as planned. 
  •      You are often afraid of criticism or disapproval.
  •      Your thoughts race and your mind jumps from one thing to another.
  •      You often have difficulty concentrating.


  •      Tense muscles.
  •      Headaches.
  •      Skipping or racing heart.
  •      Feeling tired, weak, or easily exhausted.

Did you resonate with these symptoms? If you want to explore your anxiety further I've attached a self-assessment tool you can use to understand the extent of your anxiety. Although self-assessments are not a diagnosis they are helpful for getting an objective perspective on your struggles.

You don’t need to be alone in your wrestle with anxiety. I'm here to support you in exploring what triggers are pushing you into a state of high alert. I want to help you have tools to help restore a sense of calm confidence. Reach out anytime. I want to hear your current experience and we can explore how we can work together.